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February 20, 2017

Experimenting with new ways to wear our Double Dress Clips Brooches is a frequent topic of conversation around our office.  After all, since they convert into 2 clips, there are endless ways to wear them! To help get you started, here are a few of our favorite tips.

From 9 to 5

A nicely cut jacket or blazer with a couple of clips is instant eye candy. For this look, we paired 2 different clips for a mismatched look. We also like wearing matching clips on each lapel across from each other - it looks gorgeous.  


A Special Evening Out

I recently wore a pair of clips on the neckline of my dress to a friend’s wedding. I was pretty tickled when guests kept saying, ‘I love your dress!’.  I mean, my dress was nice but their eyes were just glued to the clips. I popped them off to show them and they asked to try them on, too. Definitely helped pass the time in the buffet line.

We've also heard from several customers that their clips help keep bra straps in place when wearing them on the straps of dresses - love that!


Formal Bling

Another elegant way to incorporate our brooches is to pin them to the waistband of a skirt or dress. We especially love how it looks on this simple wedding gown.


Weekend Chic

Pinning brooches to jackets that are otherwise casual is unexpected and refreshing. We added some of our Petite Clips to the flap of the denim jacket pocket, too. 


All Wrapped Up

We also love wearing our brooches with a scarf - why not keep it in place with some extra sparkle?

Just for Kicks

While we love how our clips look on formal shoes like high heeled pumps and strappy sandals, there’s also something delightful and cheeky about wearing them on everyday shoes like loafers....


 ...and sneakers for a casual day out. We chose our Stella Petite Clips for this look below. 

Have fun trying these tips for yourself and we’d love to see your ideas, too. Tag us with #JubileeJones on Instagram, facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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