What makes Jubilee Jones jewelry so special? 


All Jubilee Jones pieces have been thoughtfully designed and made in the hope that, with the proper care and attention, they will become treasured heirlooms. We use a mix of Czech and Swarovski stones and each is carefully set by hand. Our Jewelry Care Guide can be found here >


Part of the beauty of Jubilee Jones clips is that they can be worn numerous ways - the sky’s the limitYou can check out some ideas here on our blog, Jubilee's Journal > 

Made in America 

Each piece is carefully designed in our studio in sunny Los Angeles, California, and proudly manufactured in the United States.   

What’s a Jubilee? 

A jubilee is the celebration of a special anniversary, usually of an event or reign. Naturally, they are often commemorated with jewelry. 

What is the difference between Classic Clips and Petite Clips?

Our Classic Clips are traditionally knows as dress clips. They are larger than the Petite Clips and have a solid clip mechanism with three prongs that grip fabric.   

Our Petite Clips are traditionally known as shoe clips, although they can be worn on so much more than just shoes! These clips are also smaller than our Classic Clips and have two prongs instead of three.  

How do your Classic Double Clip Brooches work? 

Our brooches consist of two clips attached to a brooch frame. It’s up to you – wear them as a brooch or simply remove the clips and fasten them to whatever you fancy. We’re all about versatility and having a lot of options! Visit our Brooches collection here > 

 You can also check out "How To Wear Jubilee Jones" video.

Tell me about the Jubilee Jones hair combs and earrings! 

To provide even more ways to wear our clips, we’ve designed elegant earrings and a hair comb.  Our Double Clip Brooch Collection can be attached to these pieces so you have lots of ways to wear them.   

This video shows you how easily our beautiful pieces work together > VIDEO.

What garments or shoes work best with Jubilee Jones clips? 

We find that the clips generally work best on fabrics that have a bit of weight to them. Check out Jubilee’s Journal for lots of different ideas on ways and garments to wear our designs.

How should I care for my Jubilee Jones pieces? 

Our Jewelry Care page provides important guidelines so you can enjoy your clips for years to come. Get care tips here > JEWELRY CARE GUIDE.

What is your repair policy? 

All of our pieces are made with the utmost care. Should your piece need attention, please visit our Customer Support page and submit your repair request so we can assess how we can help. Kindly understand that, if required, all return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

If I need to make a return or exchange, how do I go about it? 

Please review our Return & Exchange Policy here > RETURNS.

I’d like to purchase Jubilee Jones clips for my bridesmaids. Do you have any special offers for clients purchasing multiple clips at once? 

Absolutely - we’re pleased to offer special pricing for clients purchasing five or more items. Stop by our Customer Support page and submit your request in the form provided; someone will be in touch right away.

I have a question not covered here. Can you help?  

Of course! Pop over to our Customer Support page and let us know how we can be of service. 

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